Listen to re-recording of Mount & Blade Soundtrack "Swadian Hall" on Spotify

The re-recording of Swadian Hall from Mount & Blade soundtrack is now available on Spotify.
Jesse Hopkins' "Victory" and "On the Journey's Trail" from Forth Rode Odin used in Troll Bridge Poetry Readings: The Bridge by Sean Reilly of Snowgum Films.

"A poem about helping to make a film. Written and performed by the Troll Bridge cast and crew for Sean Reilly."

Jesse Hopkins composes book trailer music for short story, "Dandelion Request Form"

Work is underway on a book trailer for author, Emily Hopkins' new edition of Dandelion Request Form, available now in all digital formats at smashwords. Dandelion Request Form is a black comedy with a heart, following two siblings back to their home town in order to put their mother to rest, and pay the proper respects to the disrespectful townsfolk.

Jesse Hopkins composed the music for the upcoming trailer, available below for download below.

"Land of Legends" Original Videogame Soundtrack Released

Yumiko Moriyasu "Goddess Fantasia" Concert in Japan

Yumiko Moriyasu will perform Jesse Hopkins' "Goddess Fantasia" on March 17th during a concert and clarinet ensemble clinic at Cafe Greco in Kitakyushu, Japan.

Igor Stravinsky: Three Pieces
Jesse Hopkins: Goddess Fantasia

Mount & Blade "Swadian Hall" performed by harpist Cigdem Alvaro - Lossless download available

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