'Shocking Truth' National Release

The second Kaiju Big Battel DVD, Shocking Truth has been released, original music by Composer Jesse Hopkins. Listen to "Dr. Cube's Wrath" from the soundtrack here:

From Kaiju.com's press release:
Brace Yourself for Kaiju Big Battel's Shocking Truth

Kaiju Big Battel brings the city-crushing monster mayhem of its sold-out live shows to living rooms across America with its latest DVD release, Shocking Truth. The KOCH Vision release will hit the streets on April 12, 2005. The 108-minute DVD marks Kaiju's most ambitious production to date.
Shocking Truth, the follow-up to the 2003 DVD national cult sensation Terebi Sento, draws audiences into the underbelly of the Kaiju Big Battel Universe. Encapsulating years of in-ring monster mayhem and ongoing storylines, this DVD initiates neophytes to the Kaiju Big Battel Universe. With its patented mix of action and comedy Shocking Truth will thrill both new and longtime fans. Experience from the safety of your home what thousands of awe-struck fans have witnessed at Kaiju events nationwide and what Spin Magazine calls "An elaborate and athletic celebration of silliness... Part WWE SmackDown, part Saturday Night Live sketch."
Shocking Truth features include:

  • What Is Kaiju? - The definitive Kaiju primer answers all your burning questions, and reveals the origins of the Kaiju conflicts that threaten your very existence.
  • The Secrets of Dino Kang Jr.'s Cave - Kaiju's MC Louden Noxious takes you deep inside the cavernous abode of Dr. Cube's evilest and cutest henchman, Dino Kang, Jr., for an exclusive interview. But will a surprise visitor make Louden mince meat?
  • The Neo Teppen Show - When Dr. Cube takes Kaiju Hero Slo Feng hostage, it's up to Neo Teppen to infiltrate Dr. Cube's secret lab, and put his 27 secret powers to work defeating a mob of zombie Minions and one putrid trash monster.
  • The Rise and Fall of Silver Potato - Track the meteoric rise of break dancing, aluminum-clad tuber Hero Silver Potato to the top of Kaiju Big Battel... and his subsequent destruction at the hands of Cube's Posse.
  • The Swarm - When Dr. Cube's Posse and Team Space Bug meet in the Scottish highlands, the balance of power in Kaiju Big Battel is at stake!
  • Bonus Features - Full live event Battels; Famous Battel highlights; Hello Kaiju Video Bios; Event Trailers; Kaiju Trivia; and more!

About Kaiju Big Battel

Kaiju Big Battel is a modern conflict of epic proportions. Planet Earth is under threat: scattered throughout the galaxy is a monstrous mob of maniacal villains, menacing alien beasts, and giant, city-crushing monsters that are waging war against one another. Presiding over this mayhem is the Kaiju Commissioner, an enigmatic human-arbiter appointed by a clandestine cadre of world leaders to regulate Kaiju rage. If the Kaiju Commissioner doesn't do his job perfectly the entire world could get caught in the crossfire.

Currently, the Kaiju Universe maintains an active roster of approximately 40 monsters, including a blue alien-glutton named Sky Deviler, a factory-worker-turned-soup-can called Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, a dirty hare-sage dubbed Dusto Bunny, Uchu Chu the Space Bug, and a despicable, square-headed mad scientist known as Dr. Cube. In addition to the Kaiju Commissioner, a few other privileged humans also get a piece of the action, including Referee Jingi, a mustachioed official who enforces fairness and civility in the ring, Anthony Salbino, an urban renewal expert who reconstructs crumbled cityscapes between Battels, and one tuxedo-wearing, mouth-running MC, Louden Noxious.

About Studio Kaiju

Studio Kaiju, an independent Boston-based performance and media group, is the creator of Kaiju Big Battel, the world's only live monster mayhem spectacle. Producer of consistently sold-out events, Studio Kaiju is best known for its live tournament-style performances, which are a character driven, tongue-in-cheek hybrid of American pro-wrestling, Japanese monster-movies, and lowbrow pop-culture. These multi-media events, complete with over-sized monster-movie props, a towering "Danger Cage", and miniature cityscape, can also be enjoyed from a safe distance thanks to "Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to Giant City-Crushing Monsters" from Hyperion Books and the Kaiju Big Battel DVD series from KOCH Vision.

To fund its live event series, monster creations and metropolitan destruction, Studio Kaiju produces and distributes its own line of merchandise including T-shirts, "real" monster meat, magnets and a whole catalogue of other cool but useless, limited-edition collectibles. The world of Kaiju Big Battel is also supported by Studio Kaiju's acclaimed web site, kaiju.com, which hosts Big Battel news, monster profiles, live event videos, arcade-style games, comics, and the most fun online mall ever.

About KOCH Vision

KOCH Vision is the fast-rising independent film and video company with a focus on television, music, fitness, children's, special interest and independent feature films. It is a division of KOCH Entertainment, the leading and fastest-growing independent music and video company in the United States. KOCH Vision's eclectic library is rapidly expanding, and the label has already become a primary source of broad-based, mainstream programming to the video industry. Programming available through KOCH Vision includes: the pioneering cartoon series Galaxy Rangers, the feature film Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise (Danny Boyle) and live Soundstage concert DVDs by Tom Petty, Michael McDonald, Chicago, Travis Tritt, Lyle Lovett and other music stars.

Brace Yourself for Kaiju Big Battel's Shocking Truth

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