Humble Indie Bundle #4 now includes Jesse Hopkins' soundtrack to 'Gratuitous Space Battles'
"Don your headphones and bask in the mastery of Danny Barnowsky (Super Meat Boy), Matt Harwood (with guest tracks featuring Anamanaguchi, in Bit.Trip Runner), Jesse Hopkins (Gratuitous Space Battles), Chris Schlarb (NightSky), Jason Garner & Vince de Vera (Shank), Francisco Cerda (Jamestown), Daisuke Amaya (a.k.a. Pixel, original creator of Cave Story), Christoph Binder (And Yet It Moves), Luke Gilbert (Cogs), SoulEye (PPPPPP, the soundtrack to VVVVVV), _ghost, Alec Holowka, and Stian Stark (Crayon Physics Deluxe)."

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