All music in the following videos was composed by Jesse Hopkins.

JACK RIO (2008) - Winner Best Original Score in the Terror Film Festival
"When I approached this scene from Jack Rio I wanted to humanize the villain while at the same time portraying the fear of his victims and enhancing the suspense that we know who the killer is while the heroine does not. When the detective arrives, there are dark motivic variations moving forward the unfolding plot and underscoring the tension." - Jesse Hopkins

EVIL AND JACK BLUE (2007) - "When Vladimir Minuty approached me to compose the music for Evil and Jack Blue, he asked for a dark fairytale theme to be the central musical idea. This clip illustrates the various ways the theme was used to tell the story of the friendship between Jack and Lexi. One moment mysterious, then playful, then turning to something more threatening, while still grounding the atmosphere in a fantastic setting." - Jesse Hopkins
THE TELL-TALE HEART (1995) - "This clip is from my first film score, composed in 1994 for director Robert Todd's version of The Tell-Tale Heart. This Film Collaborative Workshop project was presented at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston. The clip presents the final culmination of the "guilt/obsession" theme clashing against the steady heartbeat beneath, contrasting with the nagging pleasantries of the guests as our hero loses his fortitude." - Jesse Hopkins
Various Game Trailers released with Jesse Hopkins original music from their respective games:
Boomer workprint, scored by Jesse Hopkins for Wrigley's Candy.

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